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Junior Anthony’s Insane LiveSotori Family Started Earning Me $1k/day Online

Junior Anthony LIVESOTORI Review Earn While You Learn Affiliate Marketing Community - Useless Wisdom

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An Entrepreneur Is Born, Not Made

Brian Shrout, 2017; Just leaving the only place I’ve ever known, high school. With graduation on the horizon as a beacon of relief, well so I thought.

Throughout the years I’ve always been the creative, businessy type. Making YouTube videos, websites even Instagram theme pages all without luck turning profit for myself. 

| Junior Anthony's Insane LiveSotori Family Started Earning Me $1k/day Online | Useless Wisdom

Looking at each of my classmates so ecstatic to finally leave this place unknowing the path life has decided for them, I knew the next step was either college or straight into the workforce.

I was unaccepting this belief that I would have to work until it was time to purchase a burial plot. 

I knew there had to be more to life than relinquishing my brief adolescence and following decades to serve cooperate America’s idea of the average citizen.

These thoughts forced me into an alert but depressive state in which I sought council and decided college was the middle ground while discovering what my path forward should appear as. This therapist helped me notice more about myself though it was clear he was not a career coach. 

Because of this, I dropped out of college and dove straight into the workforce landing a few IT and graphic design jobs with the thought of a better life implanted in my mind. 

| Junior Anthony's Insane LiveSotori Family Started Earning Me $1k/day Online | Useless Wisdom
Brian Shrout

Years of Research, Effort and Failures

I’ve always had at least one side hustle I would work on in free time with hopes of turning it into something more. Still nothing to this point has turned profit which led me into accepting a promotion to a supposed cushy, salaried district manager position. 

I shouldn’t need to mention, they don’t make a position salaried for your benefit. It’s so they can work you as much as possible without the extra pay. Now boy, they did.

With no sleep schedule, no routine and no time to even think; My hand was forced and I resigned my position. The job has me burnt physically and mentally, sending me down a dark path of bad habits and consequence. 

With Faith, I Began my Journey with LiveSotori

Shortly after my resignation, I met Junior Anthony through a friend I’ve had since primary. Talking with Junior, we were able to go over what I’ve been doing wrong over the years and fix these issues at the core. 

He gave me a new business model and exactly the knowledge required to pull it off, hand holding me through my first real commissions online. 

Making $20k With Live Sotori

Multimillionaire, Junior Anthony, Creating a Tight-knit Family for His Students

Ecstatic as I was making my first sales along with my first 1k day, it did not make up for my bad habits formed from the previous job. I haven’t had an appetite, my body has been in panic mode the past few weeks.

I woke up in the middle of the night, stomach killing me. I rushed out of bed but it was to late.

Lightheaded and spinning from this lack of eating my blood pressure crashed, causing me to faint and mimic seizure-like convulsions.

Bashing my head of the wall and waking my girlfriend up. Thank god I don’t live alone.

I became conscience in the ambulance, not remembering anything of what has happened. Genuinely worried, Junior checked up with me throughout and has helped me overcome many more struggles than just these.

Without him, I would still be slaving away submitting application after application. Taking whatever jobs I could get. 

Thank you Junior, for everything you have done.

3 Weeks in, my First $1k Day with Live Sotori

LiveSotori Junior Anthony First sale

After just 3 weeks with Junior, I was able to make my first sale while also hitting a $1k day. Something that veterans in AM struggle to accomplish after years of grinding.

Junior has his process broken down to a science, making it straight forward what, where and how to do exactly what I did to hit this milestone. 

You can click here to check out a quick video about my experience in Junior’s 2-day Live Workshop.

Want to know more about Live Sotori?

Junior has been gracious enough to allow us here at Useless Wisdom to extend a free invitation to his Monday class. So you can experience Junior’s mindset mentoring class live on Zoom!

Claim Your Free Live Mindset Class
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Seasoned content producer, graphic designer and entrepreneur priding on achieving everything possible by himself. With a passion for learning he's well informed about a lot.

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