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Useless Wisdom Podcast

Useless Wisdom Podcast

Basically, we are the only place to come when you need to get your mind off of some dumb sh!t and onto some different other dumb sh!t.

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Season 1 Recap

With episode 20 finished, season 1 of the Useless Wisdom Podcast has concluded but don’t worry. This doesn’t mean we aren’t making more episodes. It just means the pilot, training season is over.

Latest Episodes

Latest Episodes
Useless Wisdom Podcast 2021 - Available on All Platforms​

Episode #20

Sleeping with Women Makes you Gay


Brandon Miller

Released On

December 18
Useless Wisdom Podcast 2021 - Available on All Platforms​
College is Wasting my Money
EP. 19
Bigfoot’s Ghost Adventures Halloweener Special
EP. 18

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I feel like this will probably be the stupidest thing I subscribe to on YouTube... But F*ck it, take my like.

If you're looking for some random facts, entertaining stories, and maybe learn a skill or two, then look no further than Useless Wisdom. Each episode is jam packed with knowledge that makes you think and laughs that just keep coming. Definitely worth a listen!

F*ck yeah, I'll day one this stuff!

About the Show


What do you get when you throw a deep thinking, business minded content creator in a room with a quick witted, family oriented administrator carrying a troubled past? Apparently a philosophy podcast with life stories, thought-provoking chatter, edgy gaffs and obviously Useless Wisdom

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Meet the Hosts

The Hosts
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Jamie Shaffer


Brandon Miller


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