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Arrma Typhon 3s – Best RC Buggies of 2022 | Arrma RC

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Today we’re taking a deep dive into what many would say is one of the most well rounded and durable RC buggies on the market to this day. This should come as no surprise we are speaking on Arrma Typhon 3s blx V3. It’s Arrma tough and withstood all of our vigorous testing. 

Arrma Typhon 3s vs 6s

The Arrma Typhon v3 3s BLX 1/8th scale buggy is the exact same size as it’s big brother, the Arrma Typhon 6s, however there are some notable differences. The 3s version comes out of the box mostly plastic. This includes the chassis. While, this does make the buggy much lighter coming in at around 5 lbs, cold days and hard impacts leave the chassis vulnerable to cracking.

Now the 6s version comes with a 3mm thick aluminum chassis and a few other metal reinforcement parts in order to handle the huge step up in torque thanks to the 6s Lipo compatibility. 

How Fast is the Arrma Typhon 3s Out of the Box?

I always recommend the 3s line of Arrma RC’s to everyone based on the abuse they can handle. However, the Typhon 3s can reach speeds of 50+ mph out of the box on a 3 cell lipo so it may be a little much for someone who is brand new to the hobby. On the other hand, you can run 2 cell batteries as well as turn down the punch settings on the electronic speed controller. 

Is the Arrma Typhon 3s Durable?

This buggy is one of the most durable RC’s we have tested. The plastic parts that come stock out of the box have withstood 20+ ft jumps over and over again. Yet, what better way to prove show durability than a quick bash. 

This is only a fraction of what we have put the Typhon 3s through. Now during all of our testing we did run into a few things we felt are important to mention. We did have to replace a few things. The biggest thing is the chassis. Like we mentioned, being plastic it is susceptible to cracking due to hard impacts. 

However, it took us wrecking full speed into a cinderblock to sustain damage to the chassis. View the short compilation video below to watch how we cracked the chassis.

Moreover, the only other issue we ran into while testing out the Typhon 3s V3 is in reference to the lack of a center differential. The Arrma 3s BLX line coming out of the box with a slipper clutch it’s extremely important to ensure you have it adjusted properly. 

The issue we ran into was the slipper clutch continuously loosening itself up. Now after some adjustments and blue lock-tight we we’re able to fix this issue. 

Unsure whether it was a fault on our test model we recommend, before running it, double checking the slipper clutch and adding some blue lock-tight so you don’t run into any issues when you are out.

Is the Arrma Typhon 3s Waterproof?

Yes, the Arrma 3s line are waterproof however it is important to remember 2 things.

  1. Saltwater – whether YOUR RC is waterproof or not saltwater is a no-go.
  2. Just because an RC’s electronics are waterproof or is advertised as fully waterproof doesn’t mean that it won’t deteriorate from the water. Wheel bearings, while they are cheap, will seize from the oil being washed out and the metal screws will rust. Easy fixes but something to keep in mind.
Is the Arrma Typhon 3s Waterproof

Overall the Arrma Typhon has passed all of our testing and has earned our stamp of approval. Having readily available parts, being waterproof, light, durable and quick what more could you want from a perfect RC basher?

Arrma Typhon 3s BLX V3 on Amazon

Arrma Typhon v3 3s BLX

Click the link below to view the Arrma RC buggy we reviewed in this article on Amazon.

We have done the research, and testing and put together a list of The Strongest & Best RC Cars For Any Skill Level Or Budget.

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